About Me

Well–Back in the day–it was a Wednesday, I was born in a Burlington, VT hospital to my wonderful parents, Jeanne and Ed. Actually, I was a miracle baby–no joke. I was born three months early, along with my twin sister, and I was a TV star on the Children’s Miracle Network. My parents wonder to this day, why I am such an outgoing and crazy person….I wonder why!
As I excelled through the public school system in Richmond, Vermont, I had a dream to once own a business of my own. I didn’t want to work for someone, and be managed. At the ripe age of 15, I started Adams’ Cookie House, selling cookies in downtown Richmond, in front of Bridge Street Hair (one of the coolest places to hang out…ever.) I ended up making a couple hundred dollars in about a month. Well…not really, as my parents paid for the ingredients to make the cookies. I then enrolled in my first business class at Mt. Mansfield Union High School, and I was hooked! With the help of Ms. Butler, I started my current venture, Eddie’s Energy Bars, commonly referred to as EEB. It has grown to a bigger business, than I have imagined, yet I am thrilled to take on the challenges and obstacles associated with owning a specialty food business.
I currently attend Bryant University in Smithfield, RI, arguably one of the best business schools in the east. Getting my education completed is very important to me, and I plan on receiving my diploma before I really go crazy with EEB.

The following is a nice list of things about yours truely:

-I love the Price is Right–I have a signed picture of Bob Barker hanging in my bedroom

-I enjoy just about any outdoor activity whether it be hiking, biking, kayaking, ultimate frisbee, or bocce ball, there is a certain relaxation factor to it that I enjoy so much!

– I am majoring in Marketing and minoring in Psychology

– I hate brussel sprouts.

– I don’t like it when people leave kitchen cabinet doors open and just leave the kitchen.

– I like anyting Vermont made, whether it be furniture, safety pins, chocolate, shortbread, energy bars, Bag Balm, or ice cream.

– I am a firm believer in the “Buy Local” Mentality of consumers.

– I love Small towns and all the charm they have to offer.

– I travel whenever I can, and my dream vacation would be to Greece.

-Finally, I enjoy lazy Vermont Summer Days when I’m not working, and able to just go out in the grass, or down by the river, and just be.

Got any questions about me? Feel free to E-mail Me!


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