2009: Here We Come

After all the holiday festivities it’s back to work for the Eddie’s crew, distributing our energy bars across the state of Vermont and to our awesome out of state customers as well.

If you have been into one of our retailers lately, you might have noticed the new flavors creeping onto shelves:

  • Mint Double Chocolate Chip–this was a demand from my cousin in Rhode Island, and boy was she spot on.  We tested this one with the kiddos and the feedback was fantastic. 
  • Almond Double Chocolate Chip–yep, there is something about chocolate!  People like it, so we continue to come out with flavors that contain chocolate (who can complain, right?)  The ADCC was actually a mistake that turned into a wicked awesome flavor.  We were making double chocolate energy bars and put in almond extract instead of vanilla.  We decided to salvage our gains and throw some left over slivered almonds on top and voila, our newest flavor has come to life!

Both of these flavors will be on the website soon for you all to purchase.  Speaking of websites, our new website should be debuting over the next few weeks, so keep those eyes open!

Happy snow storm to all of our fellow neighbors!

Michael, Owner
Eddie’s Energy Bars


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