I’m Going to Build an Ark

Ok.  Just kidding!  It has rained an incredible amount these past few weeks, and the rivers around our bakery are high.  I had thoughts of collecting two of every animal and going to Home Depot for some wood.

I thought I would use this time to update you all on how Eddie’s is doing through these humid summer months.  We have been creating a couple of new flavors and testing them out at local farmer’s markets.  You may see them up on the website for sale if one of them goes really well.  The best response we have gotten is for the strawberry banana bar, which we plan to bake more of next week.

We do our fair share of research, and I have  my two excel files calculating data, so I can let you all in on a little secret: our most popular flavors.  It turns out that the top rank goes to cranberry orange (which is on sale until the end of this month), followed by peanut butter chocolate chip.  All of you seem to ask so I thought you deserved to know.

The school year starts up next month, and we are stocking the freezers.  Selling to schools was something I never thought of doing until parents (and teachers) of students there were so enthusiastic about having their children eat a healthy, all natural snack, instead of greasy potato chips.  So, we went for it, and it has turned out to be a great outlet.  Look for this segment of our distribution to hopefully expand when we pitch our product to more schools in the area.

Lastly, and most exciting, we are up for a potential review in Backcountry Magazine in their upcoming White issue!  Sweet!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Michael, Owner
Eddie’s Energy Bars


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