Eddie’s Donates to Climbing for Spina Bifida

When I received a call from fellow Vermonter, John Page, the expedition leader for Climbing for Spina Bifida, asking for product donation to climb the highest 67 summits in New England while benefiting the Spina Bifida Association, I just could not turn him down.

John and his crew are awesome people.  They do everything for their sponsors, and really get the word out about products and services, including Eddie’s Energy Bars.  John has coined Eddie’s Energy Bars as “awesome products where I can finally pronounce all of the ingredients”.  That’s what sells our bars…the real ingredients, and the fantastic taste that we worked on for two years to master.

Our product donations do go a long way, but what is more important is what Climbing for Spina Bifida is trying to accomplish.  The 67 highest peaks over 4,000 ft. in New England is one tremendous feat, but John and his climbing partner intend to do it over the next year or two by hiking mainly on weekends.  However, they are not the only team.  John has enlisted a climbing team in the West, and is working on a central team as we speak.

So, why is John and company doing this?  Here is an excerpt from John’s letter on the homepage:
As a lifelong hiker and avid outdoor enthusiast the idea to climb the highest 67 Summits came to me one day while driving home from the Hospital. After seeing my Daughter I was wondering what I could do to help others. I love to climb and this seemed like a great way to go about raising awareness and funds for Spina Bifida. I gave this a lot of thought and the more I thought about it the more I believed people would get behind me.

Our mission is to climb the highest 67 Summits in New England over 4000 feet. We are doing this to raise awareness and raise funds for the S.B.A.A./Mass http://www.msbaweb.org/ which really helps a lot of people. It is an 18 month Expedition which I expect to open a lot of eyes about S.B. I also feel that it will be a Spiritual Journey and a cleansing journey. I hope to touch a lot of people’s hearts.

Expedition Leader
John Page

Everyone at Eddie’s is very excited to get the chance to sponsor this great group of guys, and help out other organizations as well.  Both John and I agree that Vermonters helping Vermonters is the best way to do business!  There is a possibility that we will be hopping around New England with C4SB promoting them and our awesome energy bars!

Stay tuned for event developments!

Eddie’s Energy Bars


One Response to “Eddie’s Donates to Climbing for Spina Bifida”

  1. John Says:

    We are very honored to have Ediie’s sponsor us with these amazing bars ! We have found them to be superior to ANY bar on the market and urge you to try them because we really think they are the BEST energy bar on the planet.

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