Nothing Like an Upgrade

The first week of classes have gone by, and it’s definitely going to be a busy semester for me.  Time management is going to be crucial for me over the next few months.  Vacations are going to be business trips back home, as that is all I will be doing.  Don’t get me wrong though.  I love what I am doing, and want to see it grow.  Now, with the help of good ol’ eBay, we can make things start to happen.

One of the longest processes for us is packaging of our bars.  Since our old heat sealer (which gave us about two years of work) bit the dust, we have been looking for an upgrade.  I called around to some companies asking advice on what I should get.

At first, I was set on upgrading to a foot powered heat sealer, which would enable us to package with both hands.  I was then turned on by a salesperson to a continuous band sealer (What the heck is that?). Well, basically, it’s a machine that seals nice and tight across plastic materials.  This will eliminate the need to fold the bag on the open end and seal by hand–that’s a lot of time when we are baking 300 bars a day by hand!  Now, with this machine, we will be able to seal up to 120 bars a minute! We will still do everything else by hand, except for sealing the package.

I found the band sealer on eBay for a whopping $1,400 less than other companies wanted for it.  I am pretty excited about the find.  I made this purchase for a couple of reasons.  We’re growing at a rapid pace, and need to save time where ever we can.  Secondly, as you all know, I am a college sophomore and I do all I can to help my parents out, since they are doing the baking and distributing of Eddie’s Energy Bars.  I figured this purchase will help us in both the short and the long run, on our way to Eddie’s becoming a more well known brand.

We’ve got lots going on at our bakery in Richmond, Vermont. Stay tuned for many more happenings.

Michael, Owner
Eddie’s Energy Bars


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