Jarred’s Run: A Great Success!

Hey everyone,

As you know, Eddie’s Energy Bars participated in Jarred’s Run this past Thanksgiving, by giving every runner a free bar. It was awesome to be at an event in Richmond because we met plenty of people that eat our energy bars on a regular basis–one woman only eats them straight out of the freezer! I personally like them cold too.

There ended up being over one hundred runners on the cold and rainy Thanksgiving day. The weather certainly did not deter these crazy runners that would run in pretty much any condition. We got some good pictures, including one of part of the Eddie’s crew.



In the picture (from left to right): Eddie himself, me, my brother, Ryan, who came in second place in the 5k powered by Eddie’s Energy Bars, and Eli Howard, the winner of the 10K race. Eli just recently raced at the NCAA Division 3 Nationals, and did very well. He eats Eddie’s bars all the time, and graduated with me in high school.


Dwayne and Maureen, the parents of Jarred are incredibly awesome people that look to hold this event every year. With incredible attendance and an awesome crowd of people dedicated to raising money for the Jarred Williams Foundation, Eddie’s Energy Bars will most definitely be a part of this awesome event for years to come.

Stay tuned for future events we are going to be at. Don’t forget to come visit us at the grand opening of the Rehab Gym in Colchester from 3-5 tomorrow.




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