An Alternative Way to Cook Your Turkey

Here we are at the beginning of the famous turkey week, and boy, what a week it is going to be! I’m heading home from school tomorrow morning, and I am very excited to be back in Vermont with my family and friends. This time of year till year’s end is a great time of year, so why not start things off right with an awesome turkey for you and your guests at your Thanksgiving table this week?

We are going to use our turkey fryer this year, but one of these years I would like to try the method that my 11th grade English teacher told me about. Here goes:

1. For those willing to dig a hole in their backyard, go ahead and do so….two by two feet or so should work, and about 1.5′ deep (big enough to house your turkey).

2. Cover the bottom of your hole with coals, a couple of inches high, and lite a fire.

3. Wrap your turkey (with associated spices) in foil, and slow cook it for a couple of hours, testing to see if it’s done.

And voila, a nice and moist smoked turkey. If you don’t feel like butchering your backyard, a turkey fryer produces incredible turkey…mmmm…..

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