Benefits of Getting Massages

Most people either like or dislike massages. I like them, and have started to really like them to the point where I think I need one monthly (ok, maybe not monthly, but probably four times a year).

On the last day of the expo we attended, I got smacked with a horrible headache. I seriously thought my head was going to explode. I did everything in my power to try and relieve it (with no access to advil). I drank lots of fluids, ate a rather large lunch, and it ended up getting worse. I then saw that one of the booths was giving out free massages. There was no line, so I jumped on the opportunity.

The woman who gave me the massage was Suzy Finnefrock of Bodhi Wellness Studio. I let her know that I had a horrible headache, so she took that into consideration while giving me the massage. Despite being in the middle of the crowded expo, it was the most rejuvenating massage I have ever gotten. It relieved my headache and gave me energy throughout the rest of the day to finish the expo.

A lot of people think massages are girly, and guys shouldn’t get them. Well…it relieves stress, relaxes my body, and gives me more energy. Yep–I think those are three pretty awesome things.

Bodhi Wellness Studio is located in Waterbury, VT. If you frequent them, there is a chance you just might meet me, owner of Eddie’s Energy Bars!



2 Responses to “Benefits of Getting Massages”

  1. Ann Zuccardy Says:

    I get massages all the time. It’s one of the most beneficial preventative maintenance health measures I do for myself. I try to avoid thinking of it as a “luxury” and rather as a necessity, like getting my teeth cleaned every 6 months. There is some compelling research out there on the healing power of touch.

    In fact, I’m off to downtown Burlington for a massage after I hit the send button on this comment…

    Ann Zuccardy
    Vermont Shortbread Company

  2. Michael Says:

    Thanks for the comment, Ann! I am going to make it a necessity for myself as well, as often as I can.

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