Setting a Community Example

I would like to acknowledge Mike Comeau, owner of the Richmond Corner Market, for his generosity to the Richmond Elementary School yesterday.

Mike over-bought creemee mix (for those of you who don’t know what a creemee is, it’s the term us Vermonters use for soft-serve). Creemee mix is only good for so many days, so Mike called Richmond Elementary School, and said “I’d like to offer free creemees to the kids at RES”.

My mom, secretary at the school, and organizational officer at Eddie’s, helped hand out the cones as staff and students walked down the hill to the Corner Market. The police even stopped traffic to let the kids safely cross the road.

What an incredible act of kindness. This is why I live in Vermont. There is no place better in my mind with a bigger sense of community than Richmond.

We have an even closer relationship with the Comeau family. Besides the fact that we sell our energy bars in the Richmond Corner Market, Mike’s aunt and uncle, Ann and Bernie Comeau, provide us with syrup from their sugar-house in Williston for our maple walnut energy bar.

Michael, Owner
Eddie’s Energy Bars


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