Eddie’s Supports “Peak for Pam”

We love supporting the locals around here, and spreading lots of local love throughout the state is in our mission statement.

Our most recent example of local love is through the support of Peak for Pam. Pam Paradee is a local Champlain Valley Union High School teacher who has cancer. To defray medical costs, her many supports have decided to raise money through the Peak for Pam Challenge.

According to the site:

Announcing a group event conquering 5 of Vermont’s highest peaks within 10 hours. Groups can work as a team to raise $2000 or individuals can work to raise $200. Of course, any amount you raise would be greatly appreciated. The challenge starts up Mount Ellen (4080′) and traverses over 4 additional peaks finishing at the summit of Mount Abraham (4006′). The full hike takes the average hiker roughly 8.5-9 hours to complete. For more information on taking part in the Challenge, donating or volunteering, please contact Pam’s sister, Jen Smith at j.smith@mtghs.com. Thank you!

This event is taking place on Saturday, October 27th with donated energy bars from Eddie’s Energy Bars. We are so thrilled to be a part of this cause. Our friends, Happy and Badmoon, over at Hikeu Adventure Guides, are donating their time to guide the group of twenty five hikers up, down, and all around Vermont’s beautiful Green Mountains. They told me about the hike, and I was quick to hop on with some energy bars for the hikers.

If you’re a local, or even up for the weekend, please consider donating money or participating in your own hike to the summit of a mountain to show your support for not only Pam, but the thousands of other men and women battling cancer.


Michael Adams, Owner
Eddie’s Energy Bars


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