A Little Label Tweaking


A lot of you guys hear me talk about wanting be a fun brand, an awesome place to work, and put out awesome energy bars, etc. So, I played with the label I posted a couple days ago and made it “fun”, I think. Kind of a big change, is the line of bright pink text on the back. I think it’s pretty cool. This label is, as the last one, in its testing phases. My uncle is seeing what he can come up with, and it will be posted here to get some input from you guys, our totally awesome customers! We’re looking to unveil the label hopefully sometime this year.


Michael, Owner
Eddie’s Energy Bars


One Response to “A Little Label Tweaking”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Are all the labels going to be blue? Or are they going to be the lighter color of whatever color represents the flavor?

    For instance, will the Peanut Butter bar have a light orange label to match with its dark orange flavor color?

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