More of a Country Fan


I went to an incredible concert last night, here on campus.  It was a four bland blowout to celebrate Bryant’s homecoming.  It includes the likes of It Was the Best of Times, Jeff LeBlanc, Matt Nathanson, and Luke Bryan.

It started off somewhat different with IWTBOT, but got better with Jeff LeBlanc.  I ended up purchasing this guy’s CD.  I had seen him before on campus, and came just to see him again.  Check Jeff’s music out here.

Jeff was followed by Matt Nathanson, who really didn’t do it for me.  He was so-so.  Luke Bryan closed out what was an up-beat night with his country songs.  Now, I’m not really a country fan, but every live country performance I have been to has definitely rocked the house with energy, personality, and the like.  The solos were incredible, and the lyrics were meaningful.  I highly suggest seeing Luke Bryan live in concert.

Of my memorabilia, I picked up the Jeff LeBlanc CD, and a Luke Bryan guitar pick.

Overall, it was a great night.  I hope you enjoyed your weekend as well!  Lot’s of orders came in over the weekend, so we’ll be filling those Monday morning.

Michael, Owner
Eddie’s Energy Bars


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