EEB Partner, Hikeu, Gets Some Good Words

Just a quick post here before I run to lunch.

This morning in the Burlington Free Press, there was an article on a partner of ours, Hikeu Adventure Guides, that detailed how the owners, Reid and Brenda, met each other, and why they started this awesome company.

So, head on over and give this article a read.

Also, we have gotten approval from the higher ups at Hikeu Adventure Guides to produce what we are calling “The Hikeu Bar”.  It is loaded with whole peanuts, whole cashews, white and dark chocolate chips, as well as fresh Vermont maple syrup from Comeau’s Sugarhouse in Williston. It is loaded with calories, fat, and protein, but bear in mind, it is for a backpacking company who needs all of this on their trips, so in a way, it was specially designed.

This bar is most likely to be available through Hikeu Adventure Guides next summer, and maybe it will pop into stores for a limited time only next year as well.  Yep–I’m just building the hype.

Congrats Reid and Brenda (Happy and Bad Moon) on a great article in the Free Press!

Michael Adams, Owner
Eddie’s Energy Bars


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