We Want Salmon!

As many of you may remember from those college days, the food options on campus were not the greatest in the world.  Well, it’s no shocker today, that they still really aren’t that great.

Last night for dinner, the cafeteria on campus was serving baked cod. Now, don’t get me wrong here. Cod is a delicious fish, however when it’s the only fish that our cafeteria serves (in the same way every time too), it gets incredibly annoying.

So my friend CJ and I decided to ask what we could do about that.  We wanted salmon, talapia, catfish, swordfish….any other kind of fish! There is an incredible nutritional value in fish, but apparently paying an un-godly amount of money to go here doesn’t pay for quality food. So, we found out about the surveys that get sent around by Sodexho (the food service company Bryant uses), where students can have their input on certain food items the like, dislike, want to add, etc.

We took a survey last year from Sodexho, and I swear it did about nothing–well except for the real OJ we have now, and Grape Nuts where the cereal is.

So, as I grumble about not having enough fish (prepared different ways), I’m going to try and change that. Let’s see what one kid on campus can do.

Eddie’s Energy Bars


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