What’s Your Goal?

So, here we are starting a new season, back to school (or back to another week of 9-5 for some people).  With back to school time comes a lot of pressures like who has the coolest shoes or whose kid’s parents bought them the neatest backpack.

However, with all of your child’s newness, you should be able to give yourself some newness too!  Were you thinking of joining a gym this fall season, or getting up in the morning to enjoy the brisk air of September on a walk down your street?  It’s time that you do that.  Set a new goal for this season, or maybe for the rest of this year.  You don’t need to make new years resolutions because it’s new years! Make the change because you want to, not because other people are pressuring you too.

When second semester rolled around, I wanted to get in better shape, and there were a number of people who helped me to that point, including friends, family, and the health and wellness counselor at college.  Tell people about your goal, and they will encourage you to reach it.  Who knows, maybe you will even inspire them to add some newness to their life too!

What’s your goal?  It could be anything from wanting to eat lots of fruits and veggies every day, making sure you add play time with your kids, so you have play too, or it could even be giving yourself the ten minutes before you go to bed to read the book that is collecting dust on your shelf. Relaxation, fitness, and nutrition are three perfect goal areas.

Whatever the goal is, this time of year is perfect to start.

Happy goal setting.

Michael, Owner
Eddie’s Energy Bars

PS: My goal is to make the most of my sophomore year when I move in next week, and keep the same fitness/nutrition level that I had when I left in May.


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