Do You Have a lot of Oxygen?

Over a year ago I was sentenced (ok, diagnosed with) exercised induced asthma.  No surprise there because I breathe like an elephant when I try to run.

Anyway, I visited my asthma doctor the other day (I think he knows about my homemade energy bars) and found out some interesting factoids about your body and oxygen.

When taking a breathing test,  it measures the amount of air you can get out within the first second, the amount of air total, and of course the amount in the middle.  I can’t recall the test right now, but it’s basically a test of your “pipes”.  Now, I like to consider myself somewhat active, and you would think my numbers would go up, but they have steadily stayed below the average every time I have done the test.

My doctor then pointed out that no matter how active I was, whether I was a couch potato or a competitive athlete, my results would not improve (unless on medication).  So, the exercising I did for six days a week during second semester wouldn’t improve my test results, however it did improve something else very important to you and I.

Your VO2 Max is basically a measurement of how your body manages your oxygen.  This is what I have improved–well it’s slightly down now because I’m a busy bee this summer, but it won’t take me as long to get back up there.  The improvement of your VO2 Max means that you are managing your oxygen better, but not necessarily getting more oxygen out because the “pipes” we’re born with are the “pipes” we’re stuck with, wide or thin, it’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

So, now that I shared that oxygen tidbit with you, I must be off to the post office!

Enjoy your day!

Michael Adams, Owner
Eddie’s Energy Bars


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