Eddie’s Energy Bars Power Boy Scouts on Long Trail

Happy, over at Hikeu Adventure Guides brought some of our energy bars down to her sister who is hiking the Long Trail with a handful of boy scouts this week. They are taking a 75 mile trek up to Camel’s Hump–an incredible feat!

It is pretty sweet to know that our energy bars are being consumed for the exact reason we had intended: hikers, cyclists, or even intense walkers. I wish the Boy Scouts the best of luck on their trek!

Happy sent me a picture of some of the scouts holding their Eddie’s Bars at the start of their trek. They certainly look happy to have an Eddie’s Energy Bar in their hand! If you are interested in powering yourself to hike the long-trail one day Hikeu Adventure Guides is doing an end-to-end long trail backpacking trip sometime in September. Look at it as a great way to get outdoors, meet some great people, and eat Eddie’s Energy Bars!
Michael Adams, Owner
Eddie’s Energy Bars


One Response to “Eddie’s Energy Bars Power Boy Scouts on Long Trail”

  1. Bill Says:

    Nice to see Brenda’s Hikeu company mentioned here!

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