Hikeu: The Newest Vermont-Made Partnership

A couple of days ago, I met with Brenda (a.ka. Happy) of Hikeu Adventure Guides. We were mutually introduced by Ann Zuccardy of Vermont Shortbread Company. Now, my experience with anyone Ann has introduced me to has been wonderful. Everyone was nice, welcoming, and genuinally interested in Eddie’s Energy Bars. This was definately no exception.

Happy was just that, happy. She is finally doing what she loves, and making money at it. What a fantastic combination! We shared similar values in business operation, and life in general. Of course we had taken different life paths, and she is older than me, but when you put two entrepreneurs together, you can always find something in common.

Enough of the filler here. Let’s get down to what Hikeu is. Hikeu is a team of three that gives guided day hikes and overnight trips to locals and tourists looking to broaden their knowledge about the beautiful state of Vermont. Located in Fairfax, Vermont, they have tons of access to the Long Trail and its many branches. Maybe if I ever get in fantastic shape I will throw myself on one of the overnight trips.

As Hikeu and Eddie’s Energy Bars are two local Vermont companies, and Vermont companies like to help eachother out, EEB has decided to create an energy bar exclusively for Hikeu, called the Eddie’s Hikeu bar. As to what this bar will contain, we don’t quite know yet, but Happy and I are constantly in an e-mail tennis match, sending ideas back and forth. Whatever bar we decide on making, it will be unlike the current energy bars we offer, having more calories, more fat (got to stay warm at night!), and carbs. Basically what we are trying to make is a bar created by backpackers, for backpackers. Aside from this bar, Hikeu will be selling Eddie’s Energy Bars for day-hikers, and providing them on their overnights.

I think this is the start of a great partnership between two budding Vermont companies, rallying together to create a crazy-awesome (yep–that’s a word) relationship that hits home with our target market: those cooky outdoorsy people that live in this incredible state.

Keep checking back for updates!

Eddie’s Energy Bars


One Response to “Hikeu: The Newest Vermont-Made Partnership”

  1. Happy@Hikeu.com Says:

    Crazy-awesome partnership indeed! We are so grateful to Michael at Eddie’s for agreeing to play with us. Can’t wait to taste-test the various iterations until the perfect Eddie’s Hikeu Bar is created. Backpackers need all the extra colories, fat and carbs you can pack into a tasty bar, so here’s to letting your imagination run wild, busting out of the box and creating magic in the kitchen, on the Trail and in life ~ every single day!
    Hap 🙂

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