Williston Farmer’s Market is a HUGE Success!

I’m coming to you live from our home bakery in Richmond, Vermont, where we just got back from our first farmer’s market EVER!  We signed up to do the Williston Farmer’s Market, which turned out to be a load of fun.  Sadly, I had some technical difficulties in getting pictures onto my computer, so I will take some next weekend so you guys can see the wonderful time we had, and the almost twenty vendors that displayed their goodies and crafts.

One particular thing I enjoyed about this farmer’s market was the ability to meet so many interesting people, and talk to them about my company.  It certainly helped to have my parents there to handle the crowds.  Many times we encountered a line of people waiting to try our homemade energy bars, which is always a good thing (if you can handle customers efficiently).  Many customers gave us a lot of ideas of flavors, retail stores, and just overall ideas of how to further the success of Eddie’s Energy Bars.  A concern of about half a dozen people was a tree nut or peanut allergy.  We are currently looking into making 100% nut free energy bars, which is extremely hard to do with our home bakery right now.

If you were unable to make it to the farmer’s market this morning, we will be at the market every Saturday through the summer except for two Saturdays when the family and I are taking a little vacation to Steamboat Springs, CO.  It is from 9-1 behind the library on route 2 in Williston if you are interested in coming.

Remember, taking a risk can always pay off!

Michael Adams
Eddie’s Energy Bars


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