A Nice Little Calorie Burner

Good Morning,

These next few days are going to showcase all that summer has to offer: hazy, hot, and humid weather, with temperatures getting up into the 90’s.  I personally despise ridiculously hot weather, but others “thrive” in it.

Regardless of the weather, it is still important to get outside and exercise, preferably in the early morning hours when it is still cool outside, and you won’t suffer from dehydration or heat exhaustion.

Today, I found this nifty little calorie burner calculator that tells you how many calories you burned for the exercise you did, according to weight and duration: Calorie burner calculator.

I don’t know what I’m going to do today, but it’s either going to be walk, run, or bike.  What are you going to do today?  I should start a calorie-burn challenge to get everyone hyped to go outside…maybe I will even post the results…any ideas?

Michael, Owner
Eddie’s Energy Bars


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