The Influence of NECI on Burlington Eateries

I recently saw a clip on the Channel 3 news about the restaurant scene in Burlington, VT. They mentioned that food service is responsible for 10% of the job-force in Burlington, and account for $5.5 million in tourist dollars each year.

This amazes me, but at the same time it doesn’t. The man interviewed went on to mention how the culinary scene in Burlington has a higher bar than other “urban” hubs because of recent New England Culinary Institute graduates opening up restaurants with incredible food. It is like we, as Vermonters, expect more from local eateries, and we most certainly get it.

There are over 90 places to eat in Burlington, and I haven’t been to all of them, but I have sure been to my fair share. I love local food. It is incredible. I would rather support a locally owned restaurant than some friggin’ huge chain, frankly because the food is different and a lot of the time better for you, with local ingredients and local restauranteurs running the place.

So, get out of your house, and go enjoy some of the many places to eat in Burlington. Don’t live near Burlington, VT? I am sure there is a great town full of places to eat and shop…although, I don’t think anything beats Church Street and the Waterfront.

Have fun! I’m going to the Chew Chew Fest tomorrow! WOOHOO!

Michael, Owner
Eddie’s Energy Bars


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