Entrepreneurial Lessons: Meeting Deadlines

Deadlines are constantly popping up everywhere: in business, in life, and in school. It is important to deal with your deadlines in a timely fashion. If you’re in a bike race, you have a deadline to finish–you can’t spend twenty-four hours finishing a five mile bike race, can you? Well–maybe you can, but I am sure you would have some mad people waiting for you at the finish line.

Mad people. I don’t like mad people, and I am sure you’re the same. Get things done on time, and you have happy people. Get things done late, and you have mad people. We don’t want the last one. Do whatever it takes to get the assignment/project done on time, or even earlier, then you have time to go outside and play. I know everyone is truly excited about that!

In order to get things done before the deadline, you need to be able to manage your time effectively. If your summer reading is going to take you the entire summer, then start it now, rather than cramming it into the night before the bell rings at school. Need to get a delivery over to a store before noon. Sacrifice, and wake up early. You could even give yourself breakfast out (a healthy breakfast, mind you).

Rewarding yourself for accomplishing things on time is important, and to be on time, you need to manage your time. Go ahead, put up that giant calendar in the kitchen of everything you have to do. Make sure it is dry erase, so you feel better every time you erase something of your calendar.

I meet my deadlines all the time, and go above and beyond what I need to do to be on time. Some may call it goofy, but that’s what an entrepreneur has got to do.

Oh, don’t forget to schedule in FUN!

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2 Responses to “Entrepreneurial Lessons: Meeting Deadlines”

  1. on-time Says:

    thank you for reminding me of having to schedule “fun” after talking about meeting deadlines.

    in my work experiences, not being able to schedule fun / breaks because i have to meet deadlines have made my work sloppy and at the same time, could not not meet deadlines because i am already too tired & have grope to get there.

    work & play truly go hand & hand… thank you for the reminder…

  2. eddiesenergy Says:

    It’s interesting you find it hard to add fun. I make it a must in my workplace and my life. Everyone needs to have fun. It is not all work, work, work.

    Thanks for the comment.

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