EEB Sponsors the GMARA

If the title isn’t enough acronyms for you, then I don’t know what is.  Anywho, Eddie’s Energy Bars (EEB) is proud to announce the sponsorship of the Green Mountain Adventure Racing Association (GMARA)

I stumbled upon this great group a few weeks ago, and decided to see if they would pull me on as a sponsor, and they most certainly did!  I sent them some bars to try and like that we became a sponsor.  They really liked our homemade energy bars!  We will be at The Bitter Pill Adventure Race coming up in August, giving out free samples to volunteers and participants.

Adventure Racing is an interesting concept.  According to the GMARA website, adventure racing is a multi-day, non-stop, multi-sport, mixed gender event. It has been called ‘an expedition with a stopwatch.’ The goal is to be the first group to cross the finish line as a team. Courses typically take place in remote wilderness where teams may not see race officials or other teams for hours at a time. Navigation decisions are left to the team; they simply have a map and directions telling them where the next checkpoint is.

This sounds pretty crazy to me, but exciting at the same time, and the people that are signed up for the race are perfect for an Eddie’s Energy Bar.  With high protein and fiber, our bars are sure to keep them full for a good part of the race–they are very filling.

Before I leave to start my weekend activities, I just want to point out that this is a local organization, and local comes first, here at Eddie’s Energy Bars.  Supporting local groups and athletes is what we’re all about.

To find out more about the the GMARA, visit their website here.

Have a great weekend!

Eddie’s Energy Bars


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