Sweet Clover Demo Was SWEET!

I hope everyone is enjoying their week so far. If you were unable to make it to my product demo of my homemade energy bars, you certainly missed out. Sweet Clover Market has really been a great retail account for me, and they continue to sell out 18 (yes, a dozen and a half) each week! It just amazes me, that it happens. Sell-outs give me the confidence to move forward with my energy bar venture, and the reassurance that I am doing at least one thing right.

Not only do my energy bars sell well there, but the employees are incredibly nice there, and talked with me during the slow times at my demo today. I liked that they looked past my age, and saw that I was just really trying to sell a great tasting product.

Anyway, enough sappiness. Here is a picture of what my demo table looked like, followed by a picture of what was infront of me….tasty, and hard to resist shortbread.


The Eddie’s Energy Bars Display at Sweet Clover Market


Note the Vermont Shortbread on the first and second shelves–tasty stuff right there!

As I bid adue to my totally awesome demo over in Essex, I made sure to pick up some maple breakfast sausage handmade by Cole, the butcher, at Sweet Clover Market. I am dying to try it! It’s made from a nice cut of meat and real Vermont maple syrup. I will let you guys know if you should run and get some.

Have a great day!

Michael Adams, Owner
Eddie’s Energy Bars


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