Another Satisfied Customer

I got this great e-mail today from an awesome customer of mine in Massachusetts. Here is what she said:

“Hi, I received the bars today.. that was super fast! I heard about your company through a workmate of mine. She eats the energy bars all the time and just raves about them. I have to admit, I’ve tried a few flavors and they are absolutely delicious. I tried the chocolate chocolate chip tonight.. that was great! Sweet, but not too sweet. I would definitely order it. Thanks for the yummy energy bars.”–JG–Salem, MA

This reveals a couple of things: word of mouth is amazing. I have a couple ideas about who the coworker is but will keep it hush hush for now :), and secondly, the last couple orders I have been throwing in a test- energy bar of our newest, soon to be on the market flavor, chocolate chocolate chip. So far it has gotten rave reviews, and it will probably be implemented in the coming weeks if I continue to get great feedback (which I think I will).

If you have been one of the lucky to try our new flavor, and haven’t left your feedback, please do so below.  It would be greatly appreciated.

Have a fun day!

Michael, Owner
Eddie’s Energy Bars


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