The Test Kitchen is Back!

My brain feels like a big ball of mush right now. My friend from NC who is coming up had a couple of flight mishaps this morning, and will be in later this afternoon, but that gave me the chance to explore into how I want to expand Eddie’s Energy Bars, and find some way to get multiple streams of income besides selling my fantastically tasty, Vermont-made energy bars.

Yesterday, I attended the monthly Richmond Area Business Association meeting, and one of the topics was a wedding show Vermont Vows was going to have at the West Monitor Barn in Richmond, VT. I was sitting there, thinking about what I could do to get in on that, and the President of RABA, a great friend, and owner of Keyworth Graphics, leaned over and asked me if I could turn my product into a wedding favor.

What an interesting thought. I rushed home, and designed a label for my test-market wedding favor, threw some ribbon on it, and voila! A wedding favor for the outdoorsy people who want to give something unique to their guests.

This led to other endeavors, like custom-labeled energy bars, where a company could get them labeled with their logo, and give them out.

What do you all think? I invite you to leave a comment below.

Have a great day!

Michael Adams
Eddie’s Energy Bars


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