If You Can’t Play Nice, Go Home

I can’t express more how important it is to be nice to your store accounts, of which you sell your product.  Being nice to them, especially when selling homemade energy bars, is so crucial to success in stores. I try my best to be nice to all of my stores that I sell in, and I think it translates into more sales.

Store owners and employees will talk up your product and push it off the shelves into customers hands.  This helps more than your company, but the store itself.  If customers want an Eddie’s Energy Bar, they will go to their favorite store, which gets them to look at more products the store sells, and hopefully purchase.

I heard a story today, of horrible customer service.  Someone badgered the store owner to sell their product, and thought it was unfair that they were selling the competition’s product.  That’s only slightly annoying to me, but the store owner ended up refusing to sell the company’s product because of the way they were treated.

This not only happens with your customer accounts, but it is also true in life.  The people you surround yourself with are generally people who treat you nicely, not badly.  You will help these nice people out because they have decided to help you out.  These are the people to know.

So, to sum this all up, be nice or go home.  Being mean will not really get you anywhere.

Eddie’s Energy Bars


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