Ineffective Booths at the Business Expo

I went to the Vermont Business Expo today, and enjoyed myself.  I met some very nice people, and got some good information, however, I noticed too many booths that made crucial mistakes in trying to attract the thousands of customers that came by their booth.  The following are two tragic things you can do to not pull those customers in:

1. Leaving your booth unattended

I saw probably four or five booths that were left unattended.  What if I wanted to do business with that company.  I ended up not knowing what the company did, but that’s not the point here.  An unattended booth means that you don’t care about your customers, and that you do not want their business.  It is unprofessional, and is just not a great thing to do if you want your business to survive.

2.  Reading other literature or sitting on your computer

I rounded the expo probably six times, and I saw the same three booths reading the Burlington Free Press.  What a waste of the six hundred dollars their company spent to be there.  I’m sure the Free Press was full of great stories today, but do you think it could have waited until after the expo was over?  I think it could have, although, I noticed that whenever people walked by the booth, the attendant would look up, and then back down to read the Living section of the paper.  I’m sorry–they should probably be attentive, and attract customers to their booth.

Aside from some of the horrible booths I saw, I think the trade-show was beneficial for me, as I talked to many companies about my upcoming trade-show in October.  I am getting ready now because it’s a very big trade-show, and I need to impress my customers!

Tomorrow I have a presentation on student entrepreneurship and the business curriculum in high schools.  It should be a great presentation, and I am really looking forward to it.

Until tomorrow,

Eddie’s Energy Bars


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