Which Store to go into First?

Hey All,

Today has been a sit at the computer and do work day for me.  While I don’t really like it, it’s what I decided to do. First I made a list of stores and golf courses I am going to pursue in the coming weeks.  I have a busy schedule ahead of me, and I just figured out that in the next three weeks, I have three days off, all Tuesday’s actually.

Here is my list:

Healthy Living Market
Sweet Clover Market
Mac’s Market
Green Mountain Club
Local Motion
Lantman’s IGA
Underhill Country Store

Links at Lang Farm
Essex Country Club
Williston Golf Club
Cedar Knoll Country Club

I think it is a pretty adventurous list.  I tried to tackle Healthy Living today, but with no headway.  Oh well–hopefully she will call me back.

The last thing I conquered was a new homepage. If you wonderful Eddie’sNATION members could please check out my new homepage, and let me know what you think that would be just fantastic.  I have two versions. The one up right now is a lot more complex than the other one.

Enjoy your fun in the sun.

Eddie’s Energy Bars


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