Wow, was that massage needed!

This morning I went to go get a massage at Oasis Day Spa in Williston, VT.  Normally, you wouldn’t think a teenage guy would go to get a massage, but it was well worth it.

The whole robe and sandal thing was a bit funky, but I got used to it.  They led me into this smaller room with the aromatherapy going on, and the masseuse did her thing, and it all felt great.  I would have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed having my hands massaged.  It relieved a lot of my tension all over my body.

It was nice not to think about anyting for an hour.  No energy bars, parents, school; nothing.  I think I am going to make this an end of the semester treat for myself.  Not a bad idea, I don’t think!

This brings me to the point of work and life balance.  I can’t always be consumed in my work, and duties as the owner of a homemade energy bar business.  I need to break out of the business mold and go have fun.  Granted, some of the time it’s going to have to be scheduled fun, but that is better than no fun at all!

So, take this sunny day by the horns/clouds, and get outside to enjoy life.  Get out of the cubicle or wherever you work, and get some sun!

Enjoy the rest of the day.

Eddie’s Energy Bars


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