I need to go on an Organizing Mission

So I got home from college last Tuesday.  Great, grand.  I unpacked everything, and now I can’t seem to find anything.  I took a picture of my desk with my camera (I managed to find that), before when it was messy, then after when it was clean, but there is one problem. I can’t find the cable to put my pictures onto my computer that I was going to post in this entry on how an organized office/room makes you more productive.  Sure, my desk is nice and clean, but my closet is thirty some-odd cubic feet of disaster, along with my nightstand piled high in guerrilla marketing books by Jay Conrad Levison, and other random newspaper cut outs from various members of my family.

I don’t quite know if I have learned my lesson.  I went on this little rant this morning about how I can’t find anything, and that I want to get rid of everything in my room/office that I don’t need: All the chochtkes, the books I am not going read, and even my binders from high school that have taken over one corner of my closet.

Is this simplicity a bad idea?  Maybe this is just a phase.

Well, regardless.  Let the simplicity and organization begin.  This might involve a trip to Staples for organizing accessories, and maybe even Home Depot for extra shelving.

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