We’re Retiring Some Flavors

July 20, 2010

Hello there loyal fans,

To get right to the point, the following flavors are not selling well:
1. Cinnamon Raisin (yes, our original flavor)
2. Cranberry Almond
3. Mint Double Chocolate Chip
4. Almond Double Chocolate Chip
We have decided to pull them from the shelves and our internet store on August 1, 2010. If you want to jump over goats and swim through rivers to get the above flavors, we will make them by special order only, in our new Eddie’s Twins format, with a minimum order of 40 packages – they do freeze well and we’ll give you a bulk discount.

It has always been my motto since the beginning to be honest and transparent with each and every one of you. In addition to decreasing our flavors, we will be focusing much more on internet sales and not as much on expanding through retail outlets. With a fresh product, it’s much easier to sell directly to you through EddiesEnergy.com. We will be maintaining relationships with local retailers here in VT, but will not be aggressively adding retailers.

By switching to this model of mostly internet sales, we will be aiming to make online ordering as quick and painless as possible. Easily searchable items, hopefully lower shipping costs, and all the information you need to make your decision.
If there are any questions, you can call us at the bakery at (802) 434-3862 or e-mail me at michael [at] eddiesenergy.com.

And the Winner is…

June 28, 2010

So, we held a contest to name our newest product and a lot of people have been on me to pick a winner, so here is something to brighten your Monday:

The winner is Deb S. of Richmond, Vermont – our company headquarters! She came up with the name of Eddie’s Twins.

We liked this name for a few reasons:

  1. I (Michael) have a twin. Now, you kind of needed to know the Eddie’s family, but I have a twin sister, Kelsey, who lives in Virginia. We thought it was fitting because Eddie (my Dad) actually does have twins – and there’s two twins to a pack, hence Eddie’s Twins.
  2. It’s short. We inserted every contest entry into the following sentence: “Hi, do you carry Eddie’s ______?” Twins seemed to fit the best into this scenario.

We want to thank every for their entry or entries – a lot of you submitted 4 or 5 names and that’s awesome. There was certainly a lot of creativity coming from our loyal fans and customers. It made me realize one key thing: We need to do more contests. You’ll be seeing monthly contests from us so you can win some free product – pretty awesome, right?

As to when Eddie’s Twins will be hitting the shelf, we’re looking for a late August launch online and in our Vermont retailers – new packaging, new name, it’s go time.

Thanks again for all of the entries – it was a blast!

Name Our New Product Contest!

June 16, 2010

On Sunday, we were doing a marathon baking session – 26 batches = 728 bars. Eddie, Jeanne, and myself practically fell over after we were done. It took us about 11 hours to complete the baking, but we ended the day with an interesting idea that answered a lot of the problems that you all have brought up to us. This new product needs a name, so with that, we’re giving you the opportunity to:

This new product, sold in pairs of two, accomplishes a lot of things we’ve been trying to do lately:

  1. Portability – We heard that the bars were hard to consume while on a bike ride. Well, considering cyclists are a huge percentage of our sales, we decided to make these Eddie’s _____ so that you can pop them in your mouth and continue that steep hill climb of yours.
  2. Easier to open – OK, we’ve known this was a problem since day one and we’ve done all we can do, but now, with this new product, they will be packaged in a zip-type bag so you can eat one at a time and close up the bag.
  3. Healthier – We thought we already made a pretty healthy bar, but these two _______ are under 200 calories (some even under 150!).

This new product, currently nameless, needs a name. It doesn’t necessarily have to start with Eddie’s. We’re giving you free reign as to what you call them. And, if you’re wondering, we’ve already been through all of the “balls” jokes imaginable, so we ask you to think outside the box and get creative.

There are multiple ways to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this blog post – that’s simple enough, right?
  2. Tweet us: @EddiesEnergy
  3. Leave a comment on our Facebook fan page – if you’re not a fan, and you’re reading this, I’m pretty sure you “like us”.
  4. Send an e-mail to michael [at] eddiesenergy.com

What do you win?: You win a dozen Eddie’s ________ in the flavor of your choice.

Contest ends when I think we’ve gotten enough entries. That could take three hours or it could take three weeks. Probably, the former. Ok, truthfully, it ends Wednesday, June 23rd. Get those entries in! Good luck!

Eddie’s Energy Graduation Sale

May 11, 2010

I’m in the midst of finals this week, but me and the rest of the Eddie’s Crew are so pumped about me graduating from Bryant University on May 22nd, that we decided to throw a graduation sale! Now, through Friday, May 14th you’ll find the following on sale:

Fruit & Nut Sampler: Was $17.99 Now $15.99
Chocolate Sampler: Was $17.99 Now $15.99
Throw ‘Em All In Sampler: Was $17.99 Now $15.99
Create Your Own Sampler: Was $17.99 Now $15.99

Enjoy the sale while it lasts — this does not happen often! Shop Now!

It’s Official: Eddie’s Energy Bars are FRESH!

December 14, 2009

We  just got this great feedback from Lisa in Omaha–check it out! Thanks, Lisa!

Hi Michael,

I received my very first shipment of Eddie’s Energy Bars yesterday. The first thing that hit me when I tasted the chocolate chip and then the lemon coconut is FRESHNESS. I’ve been a fan of CLIF bars for a long time. While CLIF is all-natural, they tend to have a “formula-like” taste. I did not detect that with Eddie’s.

I am also a fan of Suncakes (out of Caifornia). Suncakes are all-natural but can be dry. Eddie’s flavor reminds me of Suncakes, but Eddie’s is NOT dry.

I guess what I’m trying to say is…you have an Eddie’s fan in Omaha.


(P.S. Have you tried to chocolate dip the bars? I think the lemon coconut would be awesome covered in white chocolate!)